Water Storage Basics for Preppers Prepping Long Term Storage- Myths Facts Mistakes

water storage basics for preppers prepping long term storage Can water expire best water storage containers treat tap water how to store water set up use water barrels choose water purifier filter emergencies Bug Out Bag survival hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to share some tips and tricks about water storage lots of us have questions about
how to store water what's a great container to store it in how much water
is enough how do we know our water is going to be safe can water expire and
the answer is no water doesn't expire but what happens is water is made up of
h2o so part of it is oxygen the oxygen can actually almost evaporate out of the
water remember setting a glass of water next to your bed at night and when you
woke up in the morning it tasted flat that's because the oxygen has escaped
but you can put the oxygen back into the water if you take two glasses pour it
back and forth you're re oxygenating it and then it tastes fine again so
that's a quick tip to knowing how to help your water taste better if you
normally use water out of your kitchen faucet and it's safe to drink you don't
need to treat any water that you fill your barrels or containers yourself the
water coming into your home is already safe to drink your water can become
contaminated if you see that it has anything floating in it any type of
bacteria or algae anything that looks suspicious or if your water ever smells
off then you need to replace it part of those problems come from what
kind of container you store the water in what kind of containers are safe to
store water well there's always containers that are designed for water
storage make a good head start on your water storage by purchasing some bottled water it's going to come in adequate containers then maybe you want to
purchase a container that's designed to hold water food grade type containers
that are designed for storing liquids they generally come in two gallon three
gallon four gallon five six gallon sizes all the way up to water barrels that could
be from fifteen to thirty five to fifty 55 gallon barrels the barrels and jugs are
usually blue and they have an opaque side they're not
see-through because the the part of the reason that water becomes filled with
things like algae is from sunlight so you can find five gallon water containers that are clear in the store you need to store them in a dark place so that the light
can't cause algae to grow in your water that can be as simple as storing it in a
dark basement storing it in a cupboard storing water with a cover over it even
something as simple as a large black plastic bag you can also fill up
containers that you have around your house one good way to store water is in
your empty canning jars if you have empty soda pop bottles or flavored
waters clean those out and use those to store extra water there's a caution to
that because intense flavours from things like Gatorade and colas can
remain in the plastic and so then your water no matter how fresh your water is
is going to take on the scent from that bottle or container however we are going
to need water for things like hygiene and dishwashing and so not all water
that we store is going to be used for drinking you can fill up some of those
type of containers like Gatorade or soda pop store them under the sink in your
bathroom stash a few under the kitchen sink so that you have water in a place
that you would need it should you run out or for some reason the water stops
running it's not a good idea to store water in something like an empty milk
jug you can never get all of the contaminants out of an empty milk jug
plus they're just not sturdy milk jugs are going to burst if they fall they break
don't waste your prepping prepper food storage space storing things incorrectly make the greatest use
possible out of you're prepping supply areas how much water do we need to store you need one gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of three days is a fifty 55 gallon barrel enough well it depends on how many are
in your family and how long you want to store water if you're one person fifty
gallons would be a nice supply the more people in your family and the longer
period of time you want to have that water cover your emergency is how you
decide if you have enough store water in various sized containers one gallon of
water weighs more than eight pounds of 50 55 gallon barrel is not going to be
movable have some water that's in grab-and-go sized containers that you
are able to pick up and take with you or move to a location that you need it even
if it's just from your basement to your kitchen so that you have the water where
you need it if you do have water barrels make sure you have a bung wrench so that you can open the barrels and then some kind of a siphon hose or a pump to be
able to access the water in your barrel and use it water barrels need to be set in a very
level location and don't set water barrels on a cement floor in your garage put down even cardboard boxes or a couple of two by fours or a pallet of wood something to keep the water barrel up off of the cement because chemicals from in your
cement or your concrete can actually leach through the plastic bottles and we
don't want to risk contaminating foods and supplies that we need never stack a water barrel on top of another barrel they're just too heavy and they're not designed
to carry such a load then the final most important element of water storage is to
have some kind of water filter and purifier the amount of water that we can
store simply can't be enough for how much we would actually need in a
protracted emergency have a way to purify water whether it's how to purify water with bleach water purification tablets get some kind of water filter make sure any water purifier or
filter that you choose takes out all of the impurities you want to make sure
that the water filter purifier gets out bacteria viruses cysts and
purifies the water to a safe drinking level my family's favorite water filter that we use in our home all the time is a Berkey water filter Berkey water filter you fill up the top it has
black carbon filters the Berkey water filter is a great in-house unit that
holds a lot of water it's gravity-fed you can take water from any source and
the berkey water filters are absolutely fantastic of clearing out any contaminants you should
also have some kind of a water filter for your Bug Out Bag and your emergency kit in
case you would have to evacuate or leave your home have water filter that's handheld water filter you can pump water filter purifier that's gravity-fed that's a small enough size
that you can carry it with you and utilize it to purify water water is really the most important prep that we need to provide for ourselves and our family every
single emergency that we will ever encounter we need fresh drinking water so whether
you're planning prepping for a forest fire or an apocalypse a snow storm or even just a
power outage if the water is no longer running flowing into your home you need to have
a few containers of water on hand to get you through emergency survival situation until you can figure out what to do next find some containers today take an inventory of your stored emergency water and make sure that you're providing the things you need so you're prepared for
whatever comes your way learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepper prepping youtube channel

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