I can't believe it's been a year since we lived on the boat crazy and we can still go back Day we went By car we hired a minibus to pack all our things and and we just pack our dogs and our little ones possession And I drove to South Carolina like it was a seven-hour journey Yeah, how do you feel honey Are you happy? We will do it Transfer of the vote so excited that our new home feels like this dream and we just went through delivery with Alf and I remember him talking You know how about all this operate the ship from the water treatment plant solar energy And we didn't, I mean we already had it lived in the caravan, but was so totally different from one Schiff and personally I had no idea what he was I spoke like this I nodded and pretended You really knew what I said But I honestly had no idea, yes I guess We were so excited just to catch the boat and everything I mean I spoke and we were like Yes, yes, we have it, we have it, we have it But we I mean, we didn't get it at the time of with everything we didn't know use nothing not that day when we had tears in ours Eyes and so it was emotional moment for us, we had so many mixed feelings simply because we are so proud We were what you knew we were I've been working so hard for six months to get it Boot and just to find a way to do it happened and then it was somehow Emotion and fear at the same time just because it felt like something could be much greater than than we could handle and why it was also a bit scary We have something we didn't have know how to drive or like the lifestyle we've never had every surf experience every surf Experience All we did was take such a grip course Last week the hangout five days and that's it before either of you gets curious and how we could buy this boat wrote a guide and E-book on everything related to our purchase from financial companies sure what we'll see and when They bought our boat and You know everything that happened I think you will find many precious Info in this manual, yes good show and how do you feel The first time we went sailing Oh man, that was awful, I mean I started to steer the boat, which I didn't even steer the boat I was like the wheel I would crash with the bikes Boot on a big yacht and then I thought Come Yep, it was so scary we were so nervous It felt like a huge ship that we had a grip on We did it on a catamaran, but it felt like that Our ship is very different higher it felt so much bigger and it was easy generally extreme Nerve destruction Oh my God The lack of experience you know of is that Lack of experience and you we are not comfortable with anything we did and I mean would you do it again? Yes I mean I was very nervous and yes we see it from now on as if it were us loca how why Take a five-day course and go the the possibility to stay in the marina first month and then we went out that day We were sailing for the first time really obliged to go sailing the first time as Hurricane Dorian was approaching and We panicked, we just closed and we didn't want to lose You know the ship we worked with difficult because of such a hurricane We were thinking about going north and then just We are facing the biggest waves of it We're not taking land Shots of him like enough shots of like Scared, we were super scared, yes, but they were The waves were like head-on and bad weather It was officially raining and I think it was on my staff The opinion was the moment when I had the worst fear of my life how we go out I thought we were going to make it from South Carolina to North Carolina flee from the hurricane we came out of In the bay, these huge waves are common imposing so hard on the ship that I panic I just go into captain mode and alejo He just drives the boat and me panicked like almost cry think like That's exactly how people die the movies you know That's how it happens, it was so scary It was a rainy day In the end we made a U-turn Come back and let the boat in small port then we found out we should check it out The weather because we don't control it Again before departure We did not know how high yes how important and you know what for Waves to make it look like something we learned that well we don't go out and present ourselves Waves like waves from two meters away It's not going to happen like we're not going out Yes, but that was not the only fear Situation I remember when we were To drive From South Carolina to North Florida Y.

We just pulled our anchor for the first time Time remembers as in a river within a river, so we set in there in the middle of a canal We anchor our boat and a small canal We have just started working on our computers and then we felt so moved a lot only if we are As if we go in a circle, we lie down and we were told like i was dizzy, we are how you keep turning and turning and we like to laugh at each other The ship has never moved so much It's so strange but we're like oh probably not only used because we were in one Marina in front The madman happened as if we were literally alone I only edited videos and Alejandro Alejo just ordered and all and then out of nowhere the anchor alarm now squeak and we look back and we are like literally against those who are against the grass we are literally on top of that as at least I don't know two meters away I would say we were very scary the moment was When we get to the north like this storm Carolina loved 50 something wind knot and We dragged this time, even though we didn't Pull because you came out fine.

I turned around in the engine ahead and we saw this as a single hole that he The boom was ripped open and towed I like this apart from that Boat drove ahead of us towards us, so we had to prepare for it or jump into that boat while moving it was fun It was scary when we arrived too from the Bahamas to Miami And we are caught in this lightning bolt Think storm Oh my goodness that It's the worst star we've ever seen in ours Lifetime the same storm in which we lost the pillow That front So baby, we gotta get her out, get her out she from We take them away, the wind is so strong will explode Oh that's cool, yes like lightning Storms are not funny inside now They are so scary and in Miami too Had a storm that we were towing to a boat a friend who has a boat and a monohull we dragged we almost hit it like five Feet well yes, we almost hit their chains I can't even see Miami watch the storm So we hit the ground So that was a scary moment Moment like this one of the things we learned They know you should always keep one eye because something bad could happen to the right within seconds yes yes it could be like good weather and then you suddenly get one Wind gusts and then it's like winning 50 knots when They had about zero knots, you win 100 knots she becomes beautiful scary we had some too moments and I think one of the best moments and funniest hajj in the Bahamas Simply because we love the Bahamas so much We had such a good time there and do you remember getting ready? for the Bahamas ready to go We're finally leaving Update like this We just received a great update Registration with the United States Coast Guard today wait for it after seven months finally register I got it, so let's go tomorrow Bahamas super exciting, we are so ready, yes we are Super list We've never been smarter In front Oh man this was so much fun and like you Cut your first fish No what happened Oh my god, don't wait what I'm not doing know what to do Oh my god, our first fish, that's how we are nervous okay how are you feeling two fish one man super exciting for him and then when we We've lost our dengue fever Oh my god it just flew away We almost lost our boat Oh [ __ ] baby how did you lose world and then other fun times like when We had a big pig jump to the ground, so today is a great one popular day because we are on the pig beach Baby, are you happy to see pigs that's a big one and then, as always, only regularly The things we do every other day I'm about to have a baby, I know it is me also full Now some of the fun things we have Fact is how Go to remote places and see dogs how to run free on the beach and how swimming in clear water, yes that's it it is just as rewarding as what is you live in a boat for Only in these moments are we dragons Surfing in paradise and it's just a perfect wind, the perfect water the sun sets crystalline and if it's incredible, it is great, it really was astonishing and then you know this time for me I could swim with dolphins I swear it was a dream come true for me Like me Oh my god, I can't even cry, I cried as if You know it was a dream for me like my whole life and then You know when we first saw it Dolphins while we were sailing it was common Amazing and see an echo as if it were blind and she alone he gets so excited when he sees the poke to know that the dolphins are there because she clearly cannot see them and then ozzy gets really turned on and it's so exciting to us, it is enjoyable I remember the time when we were in the Compass irrigation key with sharks and was so excited to deal with it in the water with sharks I'm afraid of sharks, so it was for me Very scary But yes, I want to achieve that by that so yes They decided to enter the water after one hour while just like Pretty tough guy, you know you have to do it what should you do Sorry, are you ready, are you nervous? Are you really nervous? My husband is like that nervous is fine come in, come in you will not step on it It's great like it's one of them That is, things you are good at What I live on a boat We also had incredible navigation moments just the perfect weather and you already know it We are alone I feel like I can't swim.

Swimming is so peaceful it's going well with the wind and all It's like an incredible reception It is very cold We are sailing and it is perfect perfectly perfect and then for the other We had a hand tough times rough weather Rough waves and again Everything moves and the waves crash the arc of how everything should be injected but I think we have improved a lot inside and now we go sailing and it is much better you know about him Dogs feel a lot calmer, we know that We are currently setting our table downstairs then a huge bed in it in the middle of the room and it's great handy for all four We also have a number of things Learning to drive is like knowing that There will be a lot of insomnia Nights just because we, the anchor moves and yes yes yes dragging the anchor and so strong Winch as if you hear the wind outside first We don't sleep at all at night as we were generally used to sleeping in a marina where Once the boat hardly moves and here although we play, we anchor ourselves in one small bay It is not small, but we will anchor in a bay is nothing It was like going around a lot like it was moving and we just awakening and it was just the feeling of o Some hits were work all night just thinking as if the anchor were moving What if you know the ship is going and we will end up against something like this how solid and land or something So now we know that sailing and living There is a lot of insomnia on a ship Nights and we agree, we just learn Alejo wakes up come out, you know if everything is okay fall asleep again Wake up guys, did you hear that? wake up because you She's always like I'm telling her how Did you wake up with me last night? a strong wind I did not feel which is stronger and those are some of the things I have I also learned from the first started surfing I thought I wanted to be the captain They also know that I am also the captain Schiff and I want to be captain too and that's a lot of responsibility That alone is a lot of responsibility be the captain of the ship it means you are going through insomnia Night means you are dealing by boat if it is very scary and if you just wanna go you know inside and hide and you have to be Outside They know how to fight their way through the situation You have to make sure if there is one terrible storm, you must be the one out there to get it going and make sure you aren't Draw and that's it I'm leaving, that's all 100's and finally we have the concierge and the captain Caretaker some of the other things does not happen when you are in a marina docked but like usually happens when you are very tired get too ready to go to sleep or if you are at sea, the worst Moments when everything starts to break and we had everything we could possibly break on the boat Well, let's see as much as possible terrible moments when i left I had to learn to repair practically everything on the boat that taught the same via youtube by reading manuals how to do everything and how to fix it everything on the boat I would say the first six months were true The most difficult months were everything broke and of course we had none Experience that we did not know how to fix it and it was so stressful every time Sometimes something stopped working The first was the belt we remember They rumbled Build a motor and there were five Days after we started to decline South Carolina is fine, so I just switched Motorcycle belt torn Somehow I don't know how, but it broke I like this 30 minutes after we left so it seems to work again, we are intestine we can go on, I'm pretty nasty But who cares, I think we can You know I was like that I think we should resign, I don't know how to fix yes and so he had to find a way to fix it Yes, we can see that Motor what and then we moved and then you know that at the same time Engine off and you had to think knows what happened a few weeks later we got on our boat garden and we learned to paint the boat Ourselves Yes, background painting, we made the cell units beside oh we like to stick the stickers on the boat the hakuna sticker Yes, your parents helped us And then my father left the last day I also learned from that time we had a boy cleaning this White Use this to disconnect the fiber optic from the boat Sour and then we had already done that Smart cleaned with acid and ordinary ruins all our inferior paint So we had to learn something we also had to paint a little more, but it's easy Things we have learned everywhere the right way We also had the generator and Inverter defective And I don't know if you said it yet in our videos, but the The worst part of our boat is the part that would you Change in rhythm would be ours Generator Whisper generators never buy one gave us what we had problems with would say more than five times Customer service is so awful I have it alone It was a complete headache to try with the generator that takes care of them Manufacturer who takes care of yours Dealer There was a pain in ours yesterday Inverter completely switched off it stopped working forever Our generator's debts were also broken I had to take care of it The inverter also stops working it was exchanged Fortunately, he is in good company and the guarantees that they actually made the warranty in this The water producer also remembers stopped working on us and we had to fill Fill the water bottles a little Water bottles so we can have water for shower and it was not water for survival The manufacturer was because we didn't Inverter to run the water, oh but then Remember we have air the system Because we didn't know we didn't know how to use the water maker The past two days have been wonderful Stressful because we had no water, we tested a Start the water treatment system and since then Filter changed Air entered the system that I could not turn on as a water producer because he could not have been pumping water from the sea ever since I like this So there is air in the system It was really stressful, we just wanted it that I want to cancel the mission not really, but yes some other time What we had to fix was the alternator that was not charging Starboard battery So I thought it was the alternator Remove the alternator I took him to a place where they told me it was him Lake So what was it, oh, was the battery what went wrong what that it was if so We also had a hole in one of the in-one think of the snakes oh yes like one of the tubes water leaks out In the dynamo, yes, the dynamo broke because uh holes had that cooling got a hole to inject water into Generator and then yes and then one of the hardest things to do We had to fix that while we were inside the Bahamas and we don't A pump like us does not have a backup pump Well, we actually had one Pump a fresh water pump and it broke stopped working and someone was kind enough to give to us We also had to get a bomb Some have been sent to the Bahamas like $ 400 Well, we're back in that now Boat from our kite session And now we have a problem, we were honest about to shower to wash all things and the water is not working I do not know what happened I work this morning and I don't know What happened to the bomb? Won't turn on, we're turning this thing no water comes out and I think it was a big learning curve That's exactly where they had to learn How to install the air conditioner Yes, I was quite nervous at first do that Air conditioning how to install, but then I said like we're going to a place like that you They explained what it was like and they did He showed They showed us pictures as diagrams and everything and It was really easy, so yes, easy began to disassemble the boat and Attach hoses anywhere, now it works perfectly It's perfect I wouldn't get a catamaran no air conditioning yes that is It's one of the best things we've done You only install air conditioning on the boat Summer was very difficult without the air conditioning I can't imagine summer without it especially for our dogs and for us It's good to have if you don't it will be very painful especially in humid places and I mean people say you can live without air conditioning I'm sure you can, but you have to take a shower such as 10 times a day and then you have a bad night because it gets wet and yes Mosquitoes everywhere and some of the other things that this brother really liked Plumbing and We had a leak under that tank or near that tank, but could, could not Take out the tank So I have to unplug the tank and watch if i can get it in it and find out how to do it one out and post a new one you may have I have learned a lot in the past year Are you proud of yourself? You should be Whoever likes this is very proud Schiff floating, because if it were up to me ii I don't think I would be there again in the middle of the atlantic ocean in the background of the ocean For me, my most difficult moment was when They were in the Bahamas and after background Clean the bottom of the boat, which I didn't do I realize until I see the images After I did that, I went with the world They know how to go through the ship's belongings and I put it on my face and then i have this awful acne on mine Face that was cry alone almost every day because I've never had acne like this before Before I was so scared I wasn't far away, we wanted it couldn't act like a doctor We couldn't access the drug, I couldn't You know what to do with my face and it was so scary to me and i was super excited it was a bad time for that What was your most difficult moment? Pull out the black water tank Oh you are It's like you have to go on the hose I put the hose outside like on the ship and as soon as I get them out Snake like the whole [ __ ] came was awful do you know anyone once told us everyone was [ __ ] Story only If you don't have it, you will friend Just wait, wait, but everyone has one of the best moments that we just had Kitesurfing in perfect water Bahamas For me it was like a dream come true I think it was the absolute best Wait for me and you I think sailing is like sailing, yes Sailing like perfectly clear water the weather is good How do you remember when we were? goes like eight knots but the only scary thing is we had it like a foot and a half below the slaughter of like water, yes, but yes we are like walking seven knots of shallow water it was pretty good outside, that's perfect What are you waiting for for the second season more cat more Dragons Definitely more exciting as I think this year we had to make sacrifices just to learn from our time the pros and cons of the ship and we hoped to make many more kites That's really why we buy Boot first and now i think know where we can Anchors where we cannot anchor and how because that's what I usually eat first Every year we were quite conservative And now I think we can anchor in rough water and just go sailing and then move the boat go to sleep 100 and then part of the we want to do other things year We buy dives Scuba gear, so we're bad Understanding that we are really looking forward to it Only the school dives a lot during the season and also learn spearfishing because Was it the ones who ever did it? Bahamas, we got sucked into it We will have more spearfishing Things even though we are absolutely final work to improve a lot oh and hopefully the greedy excursions too Restrictions will not end Yes, no, they will end or yes not elise will be able this time we go to this time Bahamas long before that and we are thinking of seeing The entire Caribbean is our destination at least Hopefully to Colombia or Granada Guatemala and be sure to compete for these guys and we are very excited to share something come with you if you are not subscribed to our channel Okay, make sure to hit the little red Button with the text Subscribe and you click on the bell and you pop all notifications so you can be notified Every time we start a new one Video and guys too, check out the merchandising andrea invest a lot of time in the designs and everything, so yes Try it What do you like when you might buy one? I won't see you later Here we leave you for the next one Video good, goodbye I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did tat Farewell

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