Wing Chun wing chun kung fu Basic Foot Work- Episode 1

hi my name is master Wong I'm here today to go forward you on to the Wing Chun system the master Wong wing chun system i will guide you full on to the basic so help you to understanding more into the wing chun size when you practice on this particular wing chun system few thing you need to understand about learning first on this particular part of the series of this program I will go forward your very basic on the fit side and gradually will build up to little bit more complicated but as we go I will guide you along at much as I can so you can see the whole idea and understanding about this particular training on this gradually when they start to understanding this then become more easy for you to work first thing I'm going to show you here is on to the footwork size so you know how to do this now when you start to work first if use ready you can practice with me feet together like this and then fit out like that one two and three fit in that particular movement here the hand in here okay now when you're in this particular petition make sure you're like a clamp inside like this so you feel the muscle inside here okay South 10th this is help you to get yourself balance and power when you start to move and using your wise keep your hand inside like this while you're in this particular bit you can drop your feet down slightly like this to exercise okay exercise I'm Lada so you do about five so go one two three four and then five now when you're feeling that bit here a little bit pain here come on this side that mean the muscle you're using there Crum is that working okay so that's no what you don't need to worry about that because that's how it it happened now when you finish that and you feel it when you come back bring it back the feedback like this and you bring one two and then free and bring the back together like this and then hand down when they start to understanding this basic moment of that Lake work then it's become more easy for you when you start to work when is that to work you like need to have a lot of that muscle there to climb together to able to make yourself stable down the flow so spend a bit more time to working in young term next exercise I'm going to show you here so you know exactly how to work with this is turning from lip right so you know exactly where to move in your body let me show you so you know exactly how to do that now on this bit here you start exactly the same again on this movement yeah fit at one two and three bring the hand back end here now from here you turn your body on this side your turn so you're facing this like 70 and sylheti the white here like this okay now when you're doing this turning from one side like this to the Desai's you're turning with the ways turning along like this is very very useful when you work with this particular movement okay very useful because from here you're learning about kicking from here you'll learn about Moumen and from here you'll learn about punching you twist if you punch that's why this particular movement here it's important to practice like that one turn every time you turn is 70 on this side and 30 on this side okay that's important you need to understand so it nothing really there basically it's nothing there okay when you turn again it's nothing there okay so that's where the 70 of the white is in fun 30 in the back the hand in a petition when it start to work but at a moment you should practice turn at this so goal of that what practice would me if you want to fight so go 1 2 3 4 and then fine make sure you like this bit here climbing down so you've got a lot a lot of power here don't be too loud and then you turn like that you don't do anything to your leg so when you start to walking you will find difficult and when you have enough of that you bring back again here so they'll come back from here go 1 2 and 3 and then hand down like that ok on this particular to exercise when you start to work on this bit more then you start to rely about your body where the way is to transfer forms a particular weight transfer it will help you to understanding about the leg that you can clamp down the flow bit well so the foundation is more better this is the most important thing about wynjym is the foundation it's better so you can move more better later on without this particular foundation on you will find very difficult to moving because you're flopping on the floor not stick down the flow so when you go into work you'll find a lot of a problem next one I'm going to show you here is stepping when you start to training spend some time to practice on yourself so you can learn a bit more on this particular bit on stepping I will guide you along so you know exactly how to step okay then you know what it's all about now when you're doing this particular stepping same thing again when you start okay because you in this particular wind jumps are traditional you have to work a Pacific way like this so one two and three you turn your body hand like this make sure this hand come out like this okay like it here hand at this one further out one here on this particular training later I'll explain to you about the hand and by the fit in a minute so you know why you do that from here you'll bring the feet forward you track this feet forward like this as their goal you track them forward when you turn from here this size you turn you're changing this hand this hand along this hand short this hand cover here then forward like this okay then you come forward like this then you work then you finish your knees chain back in this position in this way when you in this particular way you walk before word the hand in the center to cover yourself this okay and then you change your body in this I like this then you go forward okay like this now that now when you start to work on this the idea is 7:30 so you track your body slide forward like that then you turn you track your body forward then you turn all about learning to turn your body around on one side then come back to the sigh on this okay that's important but when you start to learning this learning this is your charming and the leg this particular Lake have to be closing up in this ankle lock here not here so that is open okay if the fits trailer there and the fit slider is made a lot different I explained to you more about that now when you in here make sure in this line here is covering yourself learn the cover when it start in line that is okay so when you finish in fun you should be in line at this and hand ladder when you start to work and when you finish you can pin your leg in back one two and then three yeah then back now on this particular stepping learn about step you need to spend more time to practice on yourself and under stepping more time you practice on stepping it's better for you to move faster okay on them if you're not moving fast enough then you will find problem to closing the gap later on as you poke pocus further on on this particular series of the Wing Chun system and as later on you will see all the movement would using a lot of this particular stepping in and moving ladder next one I going to show you on this is stepping from this way and that way Ezequiel on a zigzag way now learning this particular stepping it helping you to closing the gap and open the gap when you start to work so you know how to do each thing let me show you here you know how to do that now when you're doing the zigzag mu'min when is that bring your feet back here again so you know exactly how to practice one two and three bring your hand back here okay turn your body in this line like this when you come out now from here when you turn it this dislike go this way ladder on a solid are there and then from this sides going this way like this when you come back you bring it back to seven to here instead of go straight after you done you should go from inside so you turn fit fit inside and then out okay so basically you go all out like that and then change the hand so from here you're going out and then changing the hand at you go then changing hand out you go like this yeah changing a hand out you go such a move changing your body at u-turn for instance from here you changing the body yeah from this particular changing of the body you're turning when you forward it same thing again you slide forward and then you're slide forward but it's like light inside and then other side okay when you come back you can go back this particular way like just step forward you come back here you can turn like this at you moving forward when it start to move in now one thing about turning forward is learning to understanding where the harness the hand and fit must be chained together okay must be chained together on this their feet go inside and chain okay if you don't you go straight you have problem later on when you finish the movement on that learning back in here you can always stay aware you are in line that this okay in this particular hand position like this so you know where you are so you control the movement okay and then ping the feedback one two three and then then you finish because it wing tomb is in a particular two dish in a way then every time when we start you always start like this okay that's why you see when I wear I wear this particular clothes we go to traditional not like later on you see the other episode that we do on to the JKD side body weapon you will see we have a different closer because it's matching what which are talking about in the wing chun side is quite difficult so many finger you need to learn to understand and a principle behind it without learning all this basic principle you will find very difficult to work with let me show you here why you do each thing so you know what is it for then why you practice otherwise no point practice something or I show you something and it no use let me show you how to do that particular movement it worried it hard now first thing first first thing I talk to you about is on this particular like here yeah on the line from this 1 2 3 why when two men have a leg like this it's not because they're in this petition okay then you fight like this like that okay it's not it's there for a reason the training for instance when I'm in the line I'd be in line like this yeah one two free this is how me if we're going to kick me kick me then is help me to to cover myself here okay this cup of my going that's why you don't open your like too high otherwise you're going to get kicking a going so it land see it's land in there la da okay now second thing when you work with this wire you're turning this way turning utility like this way and then till you're like this way I in at this line that is when you kick me kick coming in I will turn yeah my leg will turn out that that Jam coming in yeah that would champ kick that will Jam kick that will Jam yeah that would Chum so very difficult kick me into the coin so kick so Chum I will put it like quick I will play that okay kick I will pray because that's when I cut for myself from here I cover myself from here so very difficult for him to kick me the coin because it is not going to pass this particular line here okay if I go like that then they kick directly in but if I start come from here I said a turn in that line it's very difficult from the kick made straight to the going if you start here okay I'm then from this side you can see kick then you turn this is very difficult to kick kick it in they can be very difficult kick see and then if I here kick yeah it's different okay back again so the whole idea of learning this particular bit is need to knowing why you do them and that is the reason why you practice with this sometime when you start to training you need to knowing where the part of your leg is so you can ground yourself well without learning this ground you will find very difficult to moving around to understanding where he like is for you to control yourself if you're not understanding this you will find very difficult to know where you're going is because you're going to kick straight to the coin and you definitely lost your let me show you next one why you step forward so you know why otherwise when you practice in the wing tomb like a lot of people show you what's there for let me show you here so you know exactly what you use it for you can learn one of these training of this and you can use them straight away and understand why let me show you so you know what I mean now on this one like I mentioned you I slide forward now in the reality term I go go like this is no news for me so when he started coming punch me this has helped me to understand their life yeah line I started to force him because when the pun come along my hand in higher in languages I cover the inside out of him and forced him bye-bye white on the back leg I forced him yeah I forced him yeah I forced him okay back again so the lying of the hand coming in is here then I forced and I force yeah my body that's why my hand is like this when you start to walk upon me this eyes learning to learn a line see my hand decide my hand is here see my hand or were in here using that I first I can force to perform that I can force the other way no need for me to force him now if I forced him like that I'm using back of my leg head that's why I say to you 7030 back my leg to force him to force him here you could get rid of him so the idea is when he come in to punch learning the lines he pump the Lonette line yeah la not a rule that I need to explain to you into the Wing Chun sighs it's very important that keep your back upright some of you may be doing this and that that's not Wing Chun Wing tune don't lean using a centerline understanding centerline when you punch center line center line meaning centerline of me here I forced centerline of me if I move my hand too much this way I cannot force him so that's where in a central angle me and a foursome okay and that's what it helped you to understand more about without this particular understanding you will find very difficult to learning a Pacific system or a Pacific if you learn a Pacific thing have to have the meaning to carry that if it no meaning is no point learning so that's very important next one I need a show it's a moving here and moving this way why a lot of people training on this and learning and don't understand why it's like anything whatever you learn you need to know why if you don't know why don't do it because a waste of time and effort let me show you here so you know exactly how you do this thing now when you start to work with this when you pump coming in my leg from here see I go forward yeah from here if I start when you punch if I go like that forward I can't go forward here but why I go out when you come in why go here see when he step right why I go here if I step right step right I go here I will get hit am I going move back it so when you can't punch if I go here straight away that would land to my going because it's in the line of him that's why when he punch I need to move my body here out why I do that is my leg it behind you from here it's easy for me to walk back in so when you start to learning this line when you come in here here forcing when I'm forcing I can learning where my leg is because that's why it's outside of my line now show me decide when it's coming in so here now forcing so ground yourself so this is what happened ground forward to me forcing that's where my leg is here yeah that's what this like help you to understanding to get him out of this line yeah like this yeah moving so one with this particular line you're learning couple thing so when you fun kick me I told see I knew you're learning that that's not a way of you to turning you're like this way that way so when you kick so I learn see I'm here I can force it this way and get rid of him if we kick me out of way I can here see Mulligan's are here I can basically get rid of this way on this particular training of this okay go slowly so you can see the line see my leg but as I jump kick again so hit the line of my leg when kickin by line technique the line is coming out and if I come forward I would charm myself so we kick again I walk across see here another way you're using this particular line when the community here then if I won that witty kick in here that coming back to swim and that will take him down so the idea on this particular movement of n is learning about the moment when they start the understanding that have become more simple so when you work you know why you do it thing another thing I need to explain so the hand petition so when you punch I need help the hand petition where the hand is my hand here mine is it I can come and hit him right away so we not have a hand here that would land if you hurt your hand that's okay because I need to understanding where my body is here okay where my body is the line of my hand here might come in here now if I need to hit him I need to force him first and forward here okay so from what I didn't show you by stepping you start to realign now how the line of the bodies will go in so when you punch I can took a line here see I control here see I control the line here now in the center I pushed him out away yeah I push him out of way but if I need to using that line of the hand when he punching if it not in line here if he slapped my hand don't hit me I had my hand here so that's why if I touch your hand I can work with him if he touching my hand I still can work with him that's why you have to handy to cut for yourself into the Wing Chun training it very important need to know where the body are without understanding where your body you will find very difficult to work so when the line company when you hit your pump now that I'm here see I'm here now from here I can work whatever one I have enough of him I get rid of him because I inside a line for him to get rid of me very difficult because I'll inside him that's what the principle of the Wing Chun size thus is on this particular training on this next part of the episode I will show you some of this moment now when you work with this you need to understand a couple thing I teach you how to block and then move on from their next episode we're going to show you when you punch I learn about the line I don't care how good this guy is I gotta make sure I gotta take your eye out on my finger here if he come in hit hard I gonna kill him if he's soft I still kill him so next episode we're going to walk a lot into the hand so when he punch boom upon me desires boom sing go hon it's very useful so when he punch go boom boom see that's where land Ronny's I bow here he won't want to come in to do any more thing with me so learning this is very very important next thing I'm going to show you so this or where they could go forward trapping when he punch learn about this old line here here I got a make sure I got a news in a wing too and show you how to destroy somebody very quickly he gonna punch me I can learn you the line of the 40 boom boom boom now here and I crappy hand tile I in the center I'm not going to be here the react on a moment can be very fast going to show you to learn to learn in the line boom boom very quickly that's what we're going to show you on next episode another one I going to show you an neck episodes move around him and have some rip how to move to news that so when you pan coming I knew from the language boom boom in line that's control the line out away boom in line here boom in line here it's all in close right boom Ian elbow me not gonna elbow me another one are going to go fooled you as well it's on the sweep on the leg size that you'll be news on this particular exercise so you know exactly where he bought is Sony punt coming here boom here coming in back here see learn to understand away his body let me show you one slowly can so you know what we're doing here offline hit forcing him then of lying him you worried learned this on the stepping already that all we work together on this particular training you to enhance your body bit more when you start to learning this line here pant this I see this line here left right understand boom boom here boom boom here we wanted to hit me you're not going to hit me ooh me boom here I can start to really put him in pressure okay thank you and this is the first on this certain episode of the Wing Chun system onto the master Wong sighs and then when you're watching through this it's very important that to spend some time practice and I will be here to teach you everything you need to know what Wing Chun if you want more information onto the DVDs I do check out this website master Wong comm this works out here so you can see more detail up there and I will be there next episode I will show you more onto the bit I just show you there thank you for watching and I will see you on – next episode

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